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57th STOM

13 June: HARTASUMA participated at the 57th ASEAN Senior Transport Official Meeting (STOM) exhibition at Marriot Penang. We had an incredible opportunity to showcase local capabilities and connect with industry leaders, partners, and enthusiasts. The 57th STOM, officiated by the Transport Minister of Malaysia , YB Anthony Loke reviewed the progress and status of programs, activities, and projects implemented by the ASEAN Transport Working Groups within the framework of the KLTSP 2016-2025. The forum emphasised ongoing connectivity and sustainability measures
throughout the ASEAN Transport Working Groups, including the creation of many recommendations to help the ASEAN region transition to a low-carbon economy. The 57th STOM also emphasised the importance of addressing future technologies and their accompanying opportunities and difficulties, such as the use of artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, and data issues, sharing, and privacy, as the transportation sector transitions to digital transformation and discussed the status of implementation cooperation with dialogue partners such as China, Japan, and South Korea, as well as with the United States.

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