The Future Of Sustainable Mobility

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HARTASUMA is partnering with world-renowned and market leader in cable-propelled transport systems, Doppelmyr Cable Car (DCC). HARTASUMA will complement DCC’s experience of more than 125 years to date to meet Malaysia’s transportation needs.

HARTASUMA and DCC’s combined experience will culminate in bringing to life Malaysia’s tourism opportunities and as an excellent alternative to current urban transportation modes.

With innovative ropeway system from Doppelmayr, we continue to set standards in mobility, providing maximum comfort and safety – both in tourism areas as well as in urban passenger transport.

Ropeway Solutions For Tourism
with a 21st Century Touch

In the 21st century, ropeways are an integral part of modern tourism globally. They can create and strongly complement tourism offerings.

Ropeway systems are extremely ecological and economical in nature and can be tailored exactly to the needs and requirements of the region and the users.

Ropeways from our partner, Doppelmayr are excellent in providing access to recreation areas mountains, viewing points and monuments that are otherwise difficult to reach. As a flexible mode of transport that is individually adapted to the topography of the region, ropeways are able to cross large obstacles. They are minimally invasive and blend in almost imperceptibly with their surroundings – without causing major harm to the visual impressions of the attraction itself.


Ropeway as an urban solution

Roughly 55% of the world’s population live in cities and this figure is expected to rise to 70% in less than a generation.  Ropeway solves two main concerns, land limitations and environmental sensitivities. As a result of the growing distance between home and the workplace and urban sprawl, residential structures are becoming even more complex and existing traffic infrastructures are increasingly hitting capacity limits.

This makes it essential to find new solutions to address present and future traffic problems. Ropeways are innovative approaches which can make a valuable contribution in resolving this challenge.

As cities are considering on ways to get people moving again post-COVID – in healthier, more sustainable ways, urban cable cars present a viable option that can be integrated into existing public transport networks, enhancing connectivity while simultaneously helping to create healthier cities by reducing congestion and CO2 emissions.

Our partner, Doppelmayr Cable Car (DCC) has delivered outstanding and successful urban projects and transports thousands of passengers daily all over the world in cities such as in La Paz (Bolivia), Singapore, London (UK), Koblenz (Germany), BA NA Hills (Vietnam), Portland (USA), Medellin (Colombia), Caracas (Venezuela), and Mexico City (Mexico).

The innovative ropeway systems from Doppelmayr Cable Car offer a host of benefits in the urban environment. They cross residential areas, rivers and existing infrastructure with ease and glide over every traffic hindrance. As well as lending themselves perfectly to integration into urban planning concepts, ropeway solutions offer infinite scope for creativity. Structures and equipments can be individually designed to cater for cultures, local circumstances and customer preferences. Passengers enjoy entirely new perspectives of the cityscape, top comfort and rapid connections while using the safest means of transport in existence.

Environmentally friendly and efficient at the same time, ropeway systems provide an impressive answer to present and future traffic problems, and create added value to any city.