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HARTASUMA at Centexs Hydrogen and Tech Safari 4.0

HARTASUMA Group Chief Business Development Officer, Mohamed Rizal Mohamed Sapari, spoke as one of the panellists at the Centexs Hydrogen and Tech Safari 4.0 at Dewan Suarah Miri, organised by the Center for Technology Excellence Sarawak @centexscommercialofficial The panel session on Roadmap Towards Clean Energy transition highlighted issues such as the challenges posed by climate change, enhance energy security, and ensure long-term sustainability. The Safari 4.0, which was supported by the Sarawak Multimedia Authority (SMA), Sarawak Digital Economy Corporation (SDEC), Yayasan Sarawak, and Sarawak Metro, exhibits a shared commitment to collaborating with the community to fulfil the state’s development goals. It is thought to be an important platform for promoting face-to-face encounters and information sharing among local communities, agencies, and companies. State Transport Minister, Datuk Seri Lee Kim Shin, emphasised the importance of teamwork and stated that this effort is a perfect example of what we can accomplish together. The Safari also provided us an opportunity to showcase our capabilities and share insights on our ongoing projects at our exhibition.

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