HARTASUMA Plant in Pulau Indah is a purpose-built premise dedicated for train assembly, capable of conducting final assembly and fitting out of trains, train overhaul and train refurbishment.


Once assembly of all components is completed, every coach goes through a series of static tests.  A range of voltage systems are available for testing in the Static Commissioning Area.


The sanding and painting booth is certified by the Department of Environment. The only one of its kind in a rail facility in Malaysia that uses environment friendly paint systems. Here, the coach bodies are given a durable and elegant design finish according to customer design specifications. 


The water tightness system tests the waterproofing of the vehicles. This procedure is carried out with thorough care and precision to ensure the integrity of the coaches and to meet strict industry standards.

"HARTASUMA continues to forge ahead with its commitment to provide our clients the best sustainable rail solutions, living up to our motto 'EMPOWERING MOBILITY'."

our workforce

In the span of 26 years of catering to the rail industry of the region, HARTASUMA is evolving into a Learning Institution that develops and nurtures local talents in various areas of expertise within the railway industry.

In tandem with Government’s aspiration to improve connectivity and accessibility via an integrated public transport infrastructure, HARTASUMA is committed to continuously enhance employee performance and productivity. to help create railway talents to extend the innovation capacity and competitiveness of the railway sector.

At HARTASUMA, we practice an employee-focused learning culture with emphasis on training and    development to fill in skill gaps, amplify strengths and acquire new skill sets.