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Systems Integration

As a railway systems integrator, Hartasuma is involved in the building and maintaining of rolling stock.  We strive to position ourselves at the forefront of new technologies introduced to respond to the growing demand for safer and more efficient railways. Our aim is to ensure the integrated systems work effectively to support the safe operation of all our trains.

Hartasuma is also proud to have delivered the first ‘Made in Malaysia Passenger Coaches’ in 2004 to Kereta Api Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB). In addition, Hartasuma also delivered the FIRST locally assembled LRT cars  in 2010 (Consortium with Bombardier).

Refurbishment, Rehabilitation and Modernization

Hartasuma, takes pride in refurbishing and modernising coaches, replacing existing components and integrating new ones. Components  become obsolete after 10-15 years due to developments in technology and electronic systems. We make it a point that our engineers are trained to examine the status of both the vehicle and the individual components to ensure the preservation of functioning components and replace those that are out of date.

At present, Hartasuma is proud to have refurbished and rehabilitated more than 300 coaches.

Vendor Development Programme

Hartasuma’s Vendor Development Programme is a bespoke upskilling programme designed for vendors and suppliers that support the local railway industry, with the aim of enhancing competitiveness. The programme is in line with our aim to “Empower Mobility” of stakeholders across the railway industry.

Successful, vendors must adopt a dynamic mindset and possess the competitive edge required to grow. Companies must be able to manage their supply chain efficiently to compete at the highest level.   To register your interest, click on the button below.

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