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What We Do

Hartasuma, incorporated in 1994 is a leading integrated rolling stock and rail services company in Malaysia. Our company offers a complete range of rail services encompassing design, engineering, manufacturing systems and strategic advisory.

Hartasuma first designed and supplied 16 passenger coaches for KTMB. These cars had the distinction of being the first fully locally assembled passenger coaches in Malaysia. Hartasuma was honoured to undertake the design and supply of the Royal Saloon Coach for KTMB in 2009.

In 2006, Hartasuma, in consortium with Bombardier Transportation, secured the contract to supply 140 four-car train sets for Kuala Lumpur’s LRT service. This was followed by subsequent contracts to supply 14 and  27 four-car sets  for the LRT Kelana Jaya Line.

All works for the contracts are undertaken at our production plant in Pulau Indah, constructed in 2008. The plant boasts state-of-the art facilities, including Malaysia’s only railway sanding and painting booths.

Hartasuma is a PKK Class A Bumiputera Company and is accredited with ISO 9001: 2015.

Production Facility

Hartasuma has distinguished itself as a leading integrated rolling stock and rail services company in Malaysia.

Our production facility sits strategically on a 7-acre site in Pulau Indah, Selangor. Here a vehicle passes through all phases of production, assembly and commissioning. Vehicles are manufactured using state-of-the art production technologies and highly efficient assembly methods resulting in the highest benefits for our customers.

The outline below details the process at our production facility:

Painting Booth

The paint booth, the only of its kind in Malaysia, uses environmentally friendly paint systems. Here the coach bodies are given a durable and elegant design finish according to customer design specifications.

Water Testing

The sprinkler system tests the waterproofness of the vehicles. This procedure is carried out thoroughly in line with strict industry standards.

Production Area

Here the coach bodies, bogies, and other components manufactured at the plant are assembled in complete coaches ready for testing.

Static Commissioning Area

Once the assembly of all components is completed, every coach goes through a series of static tests.  A range of voltage systems is available for testing in the Static Commissioning Area.